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Fortron ATF Multitrans is a premium synthetic base automatic transmission and power steering fluid specifically designed for use in Japanese, European and North American vehicles. It meets the requirements of Nissan and Subaru for use in all of their vehicles with automatic transmissions and especially those with slip lock up torque converters*. (*Note: is not recommended for use with CVT, DCT or Ford type F transmissions.)



• Outstanding cold flow properties allow for rapid oil flow to all critical transmission components (i.e. torque converter,friction plates, planetary wheels and brake bands).
• Minimises ‘shift shock’ when gear shifts occur at low temperature.
• Reduced torque loss increases efficiency and gives fuel savings.
• Optimised friction characteristics give smoother gear shifts in all temperatures and load conditions.
• Avoids foaming tendencies in transmissions.
• Excellent thermal and oxidative stability prevent deposits and oil thickening which extends transmission life.
• Excellent cleanliness under high temperature, high load conditions permits extended oil drain interval and decreased servicing.
• Miscible with all mineral oil and synthetic based lubricants.

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